“You will never be criticized by someone who is doing more than you. You will only be criticized by someone doing less.”

It is a simple natural phenomena that a river can flow from elevated place to lower level & not vice versa.

A wise person in higher level can only pass on the benefits to others at lower level. A person at lower level has no other ways, except to accept his status unconditionally, but because he cannot digest this fact, he starts criticizing a person at higher level.

A person more than you in number of ways:
He is mature enough to make out the world around you, your circumstances, background, etc. He respects your knowledge, gives credit to them. When he finds himself above you, he will not take too much pride in his own knowledge, because he knows that he has attained that position by hard work, perseverance & intelligent pursuit & he is sure that you will also attain that position one day or the other at appropriate time.
Why? Because you may even exceed him at an opportune moment. This feeling comes to him as a natural sequel to his own experience, when he was in low morale & gained confidence through experience. This humble behavior elevates him in any situation. You will one day realize it yourself as you move on in life.

A person who is less than you in number of ways:
A person who is below you has several complexes, which makes him unsettled in number of ways.
The first complex is, he feels that why should you be in a more enviable situation & what made you to elevate yourself above him?
His second question is, why is it not possible for him to achieve the same? He gets no answers for these questions & starts criticizing you. He is bewildered that he cannot come out of these complexes. The reaction from you, if not consoling him, will “enrage” him further. He may even start hating you. The only solution for him is to improve himself from higher learning instead of being envious about you. He cannot expect answers to every criticism, because you are not in a position to accept or face criticism. Your efforts to convince him yields no positive results. The very reason for criticism is to solve his own puzzles, but unfortunately he does not realize that instead of criticizing you, he can try alternative ways of learning, as none of his questions can be answered precisely by simply facing criticisms. This is because, you will be biased by your own mindset, which you cannot change for the sake of others.
Neither his mind is in a position to accept whatever you say. You will appreciate that a constructive criticism helps you improve further, but criticism made out of jealousy will harm you.

The one who is doing more than you is in a better position to understand your drawbacks and instead of criticizing your drawbacks, he will appreciate your good points and also help you come out of your negative complex.

Whereas someone doing less than you is carrying a complex that he can never equal you or go above you, as he does not find ways and means to surpass you and the only alternative left with him is to criticize you.

Above text found on the internet by B.V. Varadarajan