When I don’t know things, I don’t think that I do either.

This site is not created to provoke, abuse or deny! 

It’s NOT about anti-vaccination; neither denying the existence of a virus!

The primary purpose of this site is to inform. Collecting solid scientific information and or news articles that provide information mainly neglected by the “main stream media”.

Critical definitely, but also open to receive criticism.

“The better the critic, the more holistic the sense of how own perspectives and tastes fit into the diverse pool of informed opinion of others.”

The initiator of the blog is a former COVID19 patient, with a medical certificate IGG COVID19 Positive.

Has received the same vaccinations as most children, additional while serving the Dutch Navy and recently a few shots due to travel to places on earth recommending certain protection!

The contact form is available to anyone. If you think information is incorrect please provide documented, conclusive, material to proof this and we will remove the content.

Interested in those I don’t know I don’t know!